About Masternode.one

We are a thriving proprietary trading, technology, and research company that originates in the Netherlands. Our team consists of highly talented and passionate people with backgrounds in internet technology, ecology, sociology, quantitative trading, and media. Carefully brought together to work on our 3 pillars: infrastructure, liquidity and insights that bring us closer to our common thriving:

To distribute wealth more equitably by enhancing the internet of value.


Because our focus is on decentralized markets, the execution mainly takes place on decentralized networks and protocols, and secondary on centralized exchanges. That is why we maintain our own validator and RPC node infrastructure as the fundament of our proprietary oracle and execution engine to minimize our dependence on third parties and to be able to execute and settle worldwide as efficiently, securely and competitive as possible.


As a market maker, we are constantly iterating our own algorithmic trading strategies using human brain power and machine learning technology. We combine a vast range of strategies to efficiently provide liquidity to highly fragmented, decentralized digital asset markets through diverse market environments while satisfying our risk objectives. This allows us to trade our proprietary capital globally and high frequently at minimal cost and distribute liquidity from major central exchanges to less liquid markets on decentralized exchanges, distributing access to wealth more fairly.


In order to iterate, we need constant insight into our own actions and behavior. Our robust (risk) monitoring systems, accounting backbone and data silos allow us to do so. Everything we learn in the process, we make available through online publications, programming interfaces, public datasets, and (quant) tools-as-a-service.


Masternode's Iron Man left side modification.

We don’t believe in humans as a resource,
nor do we believe in people as
a tradable commodity.
We are not playboys.
We don’t care about being billionaires.
We are philanthropists in the purest form.
But above all, we are absolute geniuses.

We just love humanity 3000.

Masternode's Iron Man right side modification.
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