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Published on 06 September 2022 by masternode.one in ArticlesCorporate

Think volunteer

We, from Think Volunteer, are grateful for the fact that Masternode.one has donated to support our movement “Give a voice to the locals”.

Think Volunteer

The Think Volunteer Foundation wants to help travelers and volunteers to give good intentions abroad, such as volunteering with vulnerable children, a good ending. In recent years, we have seen many volunteers work in places such as orphanages and shelters with vulnerable children. The help of the volunteers offers local organizations the opportunity to receive “free” support. Unfortunately, this well-intentioned aid does not always have a positive effect on the children and the environment itself. The current problem is that travelers often don’t get the right preparation and tools they need to make a positive impact internationally. To bring positive change and overcome the ethical issues, such as children with attachment problems and arguments against volunteer tourism, we need volunteers and travelers that are well prepared, have the right expectations, and act responsibly. The solution to this issue lies in education and connection: the perspectives of local projects, organizations, and experts must be heard.

Think Volunteer Academy

We are currently building a platform where travelers can learn from each other, experts and experiential experts. The ‘Think Volunteer Academy’ will be the place where travelers can get information about responsible travel and volunteering. 

On the Think Volunteer Academy platform, travelers and volunteers can follow various courses and make use of a certified coach, appropriate to their purpose. The platform offers alternatives, tips, solutions, and education about culture & faith, sustainable impact, ethics & dilemmas, animals & nature, and working with vulnerable target groups abroad. Furthermore, the users of the Think Volunteer Academy are also informed about many travel elements with a negative impact, such as the consequences of riding elephants.

Cryptocurrency and our platform

On our platform, we will accept travelers and volunteers from all over the world. We will motivate them to start their own charity project and raise funds for the project they are going to contribute to. Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment and using cryptocurrency has several benefits especially because we work internationally. By using crypto, we do not have extra ‘international’ costs because we use the same exchange rate. Payments are made via modern digital technology (blockchain). This makes it safe and reliable. More and more payment services, such as PayPal, also accept cryptos for payment. When we accept and use cryptocurrency, it will increase the accessibility of our platform because we will receive and pay fees and donations without the intervention of third parties such as banks.


What can we all do with the donation? The answer is simple: a lot! We could use the amount to pay for platform hosting costs or to cover the expenses of our dedicated volunteers. Nonetheless, we decided to invest the funds in something that will benefit the Think Volunteer Academy in the long run, namely skills and knowledge! With the donation, we can register for the platform “De nieuwe gevers”. This platform is a community in which we can find experienced professionals who want to donate their experience and skills to help us as a (young) organization. With this amount, we can make use of experts for a year who can help our foundation with, for example, the strategy, growth plans, and optimizing our platform. Thanks to the donation, we can ensure that the continuity of Think Volunteer is guaranteed. The Think Volunteer Academy provides a self-sufficient and sustainable model, with the ultimate goal of having a positive impact on all travel worldwide!

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