Wealth re-distribution, the story.

In a world where borders are becoming increasingly blurred, where globalization is at its peak and wealth is expendable, traditional financial markets are on the brink of collapse. While fiduciary valuta depreciates at a fast pace as the gap between rich and poor widens exponentially, modern human civilization is inclined to only take one’s wealth into account on the subject of economic prosperity. While, especially in today’s world, it also and above all includes one’s well-being.

Once upon a time…

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Saturday February 12, 1983 to be exact. A baby was born in an orphanage somewhere in Jakarta (former Batavia), Indonesia. A few months later, the baby was handed over by his mother to a wonderful Dutch couple. That child grew up in the Netherlands, a country with a long history of mercantilism and entrepreneurship. Grateful for the many opportunities this country offered him to develop his own identity, he also learned that this same country was partly responsible for the poverty in his native country. He realized that this is why he was separated from his biological mother. He decided that this should never happen again and so he embarked on his life mission…

The equitable distribution of wealth
for the benefit of everyone’s future perspective
and well-being.

The miracle of wealth creation.

Masternode.one masternode.one reverses what the VOC causedMasternode.one masternode.one reverses what the VOC caused

Masternode.one masternode.one reverses what the VOC caused

The wonder of wealth creation brought about by the modern ages, is hooked in the legacy of the financial and monetary systems introduced before and in the Dutch Golden Age by Dutch Exchanges banks and companies like the VOC, the United East-India Company. Money is not free, it is trapped in the maze of large funds, insurers, financiers and big banks. The markets of yesteryear still operate on the basis of middlemen and insiders, through back-rooms where you win before you start, and once you win, you are too big to fail. Financial empires today are built on limited access and inefficiency, backed by king-making regulations. The system as such is bloated, slow and downright hostile to innovation, inclusion, and wellbeing.

Simply put, money is not free…

For free money, we need to free money.

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When Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008, he started a real free money revolution. The concept of distributed ledger technology has the potential to create a world where a bag of rice should cost the same anywhere in the world, and a live whale has more economic value than a dead one. A world where wealth means well-being without the visceral need for financial freedom. A world where people can exchange value regardless of origin, gender, or religion without intermediaries or trusted third parties via a free, safe, and transparent internet. A true reversal of the Golden-Age vision.

The internet of value…

An internet where value is distributed peer to peer without fearing the internet’s oldest problem: double-spending. A permissionless and transparent internet where techniques prosper for achieving a net “exvestment” of resources from capitalist value-extraction enterprises and structures to autonomous (commons-based) ones. An internet where the transfer and use of value from one system of production to another can be described as “transvestment”, in the ideas of software developer Dmytri Kleiner and media artist Baruch Gottieb, who founded this term. They described a kind of “reverse co-optation”, in which capitalist enterprises become dependent upon commons value-generation; an internet that shifts investment from capitalist enterprises to commons-based alternatives and ‘Creates a flow of value from the system of capital to the system of the commons economy…’

The equitable distribution of wealth,


in order to enhance the internet of value,
our mission is to distribute wealth
more equitably across the globe
by accumulating and re-distributing digital assets
against competitive quotes
via products and partners
that helps you secure your future perspective.

That’s why we provide infrastructure for,
liquidity in, and insights into
decentralized markets
via our full-scale global operation,
rich datasets, algorithmic execution engine,
and durable products..

Founded in 2018 as a proprietary trading,
technology and research firm
focused on digital assets and decentralized markets.

We are now Masternode.one.

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