Hello world!

Published on 29 December 2021 by masternode.one in ArticlesNews


We are Masternode.one, welcome to our platform. Initially we just wanted to build a website for our employer brand in digital asset markets, but gradually we became more and more enthusiastic. We became addicted to deep-diving the possibilities and limits of Web3 technology. This is how the website became the start of the platform on which you are now reading this article.

Of course you can still read all about how we are committed to our mission To distribute wealth more equitably by enhancing the internet of value, why we do it, who does it and what makes it work, while also committing ourselves to SDG #1 No Poverty. However, the main focus of this website is to keep you well informed about digital asset markets by providing you insights, while keeping track of our company performance by using the latest (open source Web3) technology in our website and execution engine.

This platform is soon hosted decentralized via IPFS (the InterPlanetaryFileSystem) and Filecoin, because we value decentralization very much. And we’ve created a live search just for you, so you can quickly access all the information you need. You can use the search function by entering your search term in the black search bar below the page. In the near future: search terms can be e.g. (a combination of) coins, tokens, strategies, technologies, networks or other terms in the digital asset space that you simply want to learn more about.

We will continue to add more functionality to the platform that contributes to the security of your future perspective, without losing sight of our mission and core values. Imagine a future with the best of Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Defillama, Staking-rewards and Messari combined on 1 website. Supplemented with a smart portfolio Dapp suite. Wouldn’t that be great?

In the next phase we’ve started building on 3 new pages: insights, infrastructure and liquidity. Which visualizes a realtime dataflow from our systems to this pages for you to see how we perform on our three pillars. We launch this pages around March 2023.

…as long as it enhances the internet of value and distributes wealth more equitable!